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Re: re cultural essentialism

Can someone or preferably the several different people who have used the
term explain what they call 'essentialism' and / or 'cultural essentialism'?
There is more than one possible meaning for the term and it does make quite
a difference - at least to my attitude towards it.

Bruce Robinson

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Subject: re cultural essentialism

> Rik Pinxten's new book, which will be reviewed by Hirschfeld for MCA,
> is about the European rascists are adopting a cultural essentialist
> ideology since old fashioned rascism became more difficult )(apparently,
> this is news to me) to sustain. Then this article came across my screen.
> For them what's interested.
> mike
> This article, "The Contradictions of Cultural Conservatism in
> the Assault on American Colleges," is available online at this
> address:
> http://chronicle.com/temp/email.php?id=mgnmpulexp5qsqr0qx0pxz0d7w08v7bi

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