Re: ISCAR-Spain

Date: Wed Mar 31 2004 - 19:46:37 PST

Yes, please repost.

I could suggest the following topics:

* Cross cultural studies on instructional processes (i.e., comparative
evidence concerning classroom interaction)

* Fylogenetic and ontogenetic culturalist hypotheses concerning the
origin of culture (i.e. alternatives to the modular view of culture)

* What to do with neurosciences? How can cultural psychologists make
use of this new powerful tool to advance cultural psychological

* Collective memory and trauma: cultural processes in the remembering
and healing of societal traumatic experiences

Well, maybe the are a bit broad, but they could be refined a bit by
all of us.

Quoting Mike Cole <>:

> Has anyone on xmca NOT received a copy of the ISCAR call for papers
> for a year
> from September? If that is the case, I will post it to all. There are
> many
> interesting themes and the meeting is certain to be an interesting
> intellectual
> and social experience. What seminars, talks, topics would xmca folks
> like to
> propose?
> If you have a topic, post it here and see if it attracts
> interest/people.
> mike

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