gibsen maerleu-Ponti---

From: Mike Cole (
Date: Fri Mar 26 2004 - 12:14:57 PST

Joe- There is no need to posit direct contact of ideas between Meareu-Ponti
and Gibson. Compatible or complementary intuitions occur in all sorts of
places and sometimes get expressed when there is some common problem
otherwise disconnected people are connected to.

I have three quotations using the metaphor of context as a rope. One is
birdwhistle via mcdermmot, one is Barker, on is James, but I cannot confirm
the citation. Perhaps James as the "progenitor" but we could probably find
others, more obscure, who were coming up with the same sorts of metaphors.

What is rarely important is who said it first. That is why the
controversies over, say, Bakhtin being one person or many, Vygotsky's
originality in the zoped concept. I think we are seeing fragments of
a discourse community, which toses out some memorablle people or
texts that (some) people find productive.

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