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From: Bill Barowy (
Date: Tue Mar 23 2004 - 17:11:19 PST

Hi Folks,

Those of you interested in being involved with chsig will find the following
information useful. Please note the OPEN meeting too!


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Date: Tuesday 23 March 2004 9:43 am
From: Bruce Thompson <>

I am pleased to announce that Sky Huck has been elected the new SIG Exec
Com Chair/Rep to AERA Council/Rep to Program Committee. Sky's e-mail
address is:
"Schuyler W Huck" <>

As you know, AERA is confronting a wide array of challenges. Sky will need
your support and assistance (and you his).

Please remember that there is always an OPEN meeting of the SIG Exec
Committee during the annual convention. I believe this year (as usual) it
is scheduled for THURSDAY at 4pm. Please COME (and bring any interested
members of your SIG) to discuss concerns and propose solutions. This is an
important opportunity for SIG leaders to come together as a community.

Bruce Thompson
Professor and Distinguished Research Fellow,
   Texas A&M University, and
Adjunct Professor of Family and Community Medicine,
   Baylor College of Medicine (Houston)
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and SERA Executive Director

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