Re: a meta procedural request

Date: Mon Mar 22 2004 - 18:27:20 PST

And what will happen with our email identities once we have to pay for
sending emails? Would that stop spoofing in a "cheaper" way,
technologically speaking, but in a more expensive way, democratically
speaking? What is the exchange value of trust? What is its use value?
What is more expensive, to trust somebody's identity by default or to
mistrust somebody's by default? It seems that our biological
disposition is to trust those that are immediately close to us (ask a
developing baby) but we can be very sophisticated in developing
cultures of mistrust to the others.

Quoting Bill Barowy <>:

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> If I begin to sign my messages digitally, like this one, N won't be
> able to
> spoof me anymore. But anyone wanting to check it will need PGP or
> software, a copy of my public key, be able to verify my public key,
> and then
> assign a level of trust to it.
> Vera is right. Trust and identity are highly intertwined, so much so
> it is
> taken for granted, and is very much a part of culture.
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