space, goals, and agency

From: Ares, Nancy (
Date: Mon Mar 22 2004 - 08:45:49 PST


In response to Renee Haye's posting, I would suggest again going to
Baquedano, & Tejeda's article in MCA, and Gutierrez, Rymes, and Larson's
article in Harvard Ed. Review to explore hybrid and third spaces. Although
power is distributed differentially in classrooms and goals differ among
various people and groups in classrooms as well, there do exist spaces
where marginalized and/or relatively powerless students can exercise agency
in pursuing their goals (goals that can be competing with the "official"
and/or that can be at odds with those operating in "official" space). CHAT
helps us examine goals and agency by providing a framework for identifying
relations among actors, goals, roles, rules, practices, etc. that underlie
the distribution of power. Further, notions of
overlapping communities, or activity systems, or communities of practice are
also helpful in identifying zones of tension, contention, and possibility
exercising agency where goals are negotiated.


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