forced adoption in the US

Date: Fri Mar 19 2004 - 00:04:33 PST

Yesterday I saw a documentary on an ugly phenomenon in the US. This fanatical
Hassidic group called “Satamar” in Monsey and Williamsburg, who are also a
kind of mafia involved in crime (drugs etc.) have developed an industry of
illegally bringing Jews from Yemen to the US. These Jews suffer persecution
under the Moslem regime and are easy prey for this criminal organization.
After illegally entering the US their passports are confiscated by the Satamar-
Hassidim to prevent them from going to Israel and their children taken from
them. These children are used as means for getting money from social security
and fundraising for ‘the poor refugee children’. When parents tried to get
their children back, as shown in the documentary, the Satamar-Hassidim got the
US social services to officially take these children from their ‘primitive’
parents and give them for adoption to Satamar Families with US citizenship.
This forced adoption is such an injustice – how can the US legal system (like
in a totalitarian regime) forcibly confiscate children from their parents and
hand them over to families belonging to these fanatics and criminals. One of
the victims, who had 6 children taken from them emigrated to Israel where
there 7th child was born, are currently waging a legal battle from Israel to
get their children back.
How comes that the US legal system that is supposed to protect the legal
rights of people are doing the very opposite in these cases?

Alisa Levy

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