learning and teaching a subject

From: david.preiss@yale.edu
Date: Tue Mar 16 2004 - 12:23:27 PST

Dear friends of XMCA,

IŽd like to take advantage of the international nature of this list to
get help with the following. I need to know how different countries
decide the level of math teachers need to know in order to be
accreditted as such as elementary, middle, and high school teachers.
The question of concern here is how the subject matter is incorporated
within their professional curriculum and whether there is a formal
standard decided by the government.

My goal is to move from there to some most particular questions such
as, does a Math elementary teacher need to know advanced maths? Is a
high knowledge of the subject matter a prerequisite to be a great
teacher? Beyond maths, are there similar standars in other domains?


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