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Monday March 15th AM.
Accoding to the British radio news the socialists are IN. Not clear yet if
they will form government on their own or as coalition. So far no response
from dear Tony Blair. It will be interesting to see how he takes it.

Does the US press tell you-all how much opposition there has been/is here to
UK participation? Did press there mention the two recent whistle-blowers on
government tricks in the period leading up to the decision to join Bush's
war? They have been legally and officially castigated of course. In lead-up
to the war the press and radio here scarcely mentioned any dissenting view
or action in the States.

It will be very interesting to see how both 'the opposition' and Tony deal
with the likely Spanish volte face. I will pass on anything significant.

The BBC has been stoutly behind Blair all along - I found this very
discouraging as while working in the bush the World Service is my only
source of 'reliable' news. (I gave up on Voice of America four years ago.)

Can one hope that the Spanish example will give external legitimacy to a
positive, well-thought through alternative foreign policy in the coming
Presidential election debates?

It would be nice not be be ashamed of my American accent and passport.

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> Buenos dias a todos!
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> > This is just to let you know that, according to projections
> >
> > based on 55% of the results, the Partido Popular (PP)
> > which joined Bush's invasion of Iraq against the will of the Spanish
> > people... have LOST THE SPANISH GENERAL ELECTIONS!!!!!!!!
> >
> > Bush's Coalition just lost one of its members!!
> >
> > The new government is likely to be formed by a coalition of the
> > Socialist Party with independent left and regional left parties, and
> > will likely bring constitutional reform and the withdrawal of
> > Spanish troops from Iraq.
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