Fwd: Messages with virus attachments

From: Phil Chappell (phil_chappell@access.inet.co.th)
Date: Sat Mar 13 2004 - 20:09:41 PST

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> From: wbarowy@comcast.net
> Date: March 13, 2004 8:39:20 PM GMT+07:00
> To: xmca@weber.ucsd.edu
> Cc: Phil Chappell <phil_chappell@access.inet.co.th>
> Subject: Re: Messages with virus attachments
> There is an enormous growth in the creation of mass mailing worms that
> spread over email. Some believe it is due to rivalries among gangs --
> a kind of escalating situation, in which we are caught. And to make
> matters worse the worms use email addresses taken from many kinds of
> files on the computer systems to use not only to send copies of
> themselves in email, BUT ALSO to spoof the senders, i.e. the mail
> might appear to be coming from someone like mike but it is actually
> coming from some machine in which mike's email address is stored.
> Attachments in email are the primary carrier -- so caution is advised
> here.
> I use linux as an operating system for my PCs, which like the mac OS
> is also not a prime target.
> (Phil-- would you forward this on to xmca? I cannot send to xmca from
> web mail. Thanks)
> bb
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