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Date: Sat Mar 13 2004 - 10:10:39 PST


1). It sounds like you do not have anti virus software (Bad, bad, bad).
Check out AVG. I have not had a virus since I started using it. It is free.

2). Think about using another address for most online stuff. I would
suggest Yahoo. It scans all email for viruses, so it won't touch your
computer, and it allows you to block addresses at the server level. You
can even use your regular email with Yahoo - minus the viruses and other

3). Use filters for what you want to see instead of the other way
around. Also, Firefox (free) is about the best email client for
catergories. You could make all xcma messages red, work messages green,
etc. Again, Firefox has a filter system that learns over time so it can
be quite good.

4). Most important be very leery of using outlook or internet explorer.
  Thunderbird and Firefox are open source, multiplatform, and free.

5) I would also get Ad Aware and see if you have any spywhere on your
computer. Chances are there is something. I need to use it about 3 x a
week now, used to be once a month.

Don't forget - safe computing.

Phil Chappell wrote:

> Dear All,
> Is anyone else getting messages with short text, such as "Meeting
> information attached", and which contain attachments that have viruses?
> I use Mac, so I'm not worried about the virus risk, but I haven't had
> such a level of unsolicited messages ever.
> I'd appreciate any insights.
> Phil

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