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Subject: RE: International Women's Day;     thoughts
on Esther Goody's 1987 article From:
Date:    Thu, March 11, 2004 6:19 pm

"In my opinion, Goody's analysis suffers > some compromise when, in > seeking explanations for the origins of domestic > violence, she focuses on > biological explanations for the dominance of men and > does not forthrightly > address its social origins."

I found the paper powerful and insiteful. I was particularly interested in the analysis of the source and function of guilt in women's role in violent patterns. However, I agree with Steve, above. I appreciate Esther's response to a "rejection of biology as a central factor" (although I'm inclined to see size as the biological factor of importance to this discussion, as Mike suggested), but: how can we talk about violence between men and women without a discussion of the construction of gender (for even if biology is a central factor, genders are constructed)?, and how can these myths, and the violence, be compared across cultures without the context (race, socio-economic, etc.) which gives them their specific meaning?


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