Cuban Scientists Protest US Prohibition of Cuban Scientific Articles

From: Steve Gabosch (
Date: Wed Mar 10 2004 - 13:51:11 PST

I copied this March 9 statement, which was posted by a fairly reliable
writer on Cuba on another discussion list. It says that Cuban scientific
writing is now illegal to review, edit or modify in U.S. scientific journals.

- Steve


".In the twenty first century science must become a shared
asset benefiting all peoples on the basis of solidarity .
(considering) the importance for scientific research and
education of full and open access to information."
- From the Declaration on Science and the Use of Scientific
Knowledge of the World Conference on Science, 1999.

The Academy of Sciences of Cuba, formed by scientists of
relevant merits, representing the national scientific
community, denounces to the national and international
public opinion a new aggression against Cuba by the present
US administration.

The Office of Foreign Assets Control of the Department of
the Treasury of the United States of America made public
the prohibition to review, edit, or modify in US scientific
journals, papers by authors from countries subject to
"trade embargoes", including Cuba. Those who would do so,
would have transgressed the Law of the USA, and could be
imposed elevated fines, and even incarceration.

Since the public announcement of this measure, several US
editors have rejected articles presented by Cuban
scientists for publication in specialized journals in the
USA. Once again, the Government of George W. Bush increases
its anti Cuba policies in their wish to satisfy the
Cuban-American extreme right of South Florida, particularly
in an electoral year.

The publication of research outcomes is the first step in
the socialization of knowledge, and an indispensable
pre-requisite for the healthy development of science. Only
through the free flow of ideas and knowledge among
scientists from all over the world can science grow and
advance for the benefit of all of humankind. Contrasting
with that, the present measures deprive the scientific
communities of the USA, and the world at large, from
sharing with our scientists the well recognized Cuban
scientific developments.

The adoption of that decision by the present government of
the USA violates both, the most elementary rights of
scientists in any part of the world, and the USA
Constitution itself.

Comparable to the burning of books practiced by fascist
regimes, this absurd measure, which is the expression of a
strengthening of the US blockade, is a reflection of the
viciousness of the present Government of that country, that
has not been remiss to resort to irrational limits in total
despise of the most sacred principles of international law.

This is the same government that, without taking into
account the voice of the scientific community of its own
country, has denied the existence of global warming, has
destroyed in savage military actions many unique pieces of
the World heritage, and in their contempt for any other
opinion, has ignored the voice of the World community of

Cuban scientists denounce with indignation this measure
that affects not only us Cubans, but all of humankind. We
call for our colleagues in the USA to act in solidarity
with our declaration, and to scientists in the rest of the
World to condemn and reject this new absurd aggression.

The Academy of Sciences of Cuba.
Havana, Cuba
March 9, 2004.

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