another last minute opportunity

From: Mike Cole (
Date: Tue Mar 09 2004 - 08:41:07 PST

There are two courses to be taught in our human development program this
spring and a crisis-- which means an opportunity of someone can move quicly.

One class is a senior seminar, 25 students, you choose the topic.

Second class is socio-cultural approaches to development. 100 students, 2
TA's. I am not teaching the class because I am on medical leave. This class
uses the Rogoff book on culture and development and some ancillary readings.
I have lots of powerpoint lectures that could be pirated to taste. I will be
able to advise/consult, but not participate in general in the class. The
medical leave is not a caprice.

I assume this gig would yield enough money to live on in a very nice place.
I would provide space at LCHC and whoever engaged the task would be most
welcome to participate in all LCHC activities.

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