Re: Making research as knitting

From: Mike Cole (
Date: Mon Mar 08 2004 - 09:26:29 PST

Very interesting discussion of "womens' work," "knitting," and process, Eugene.

At our boys and girls club we have made an alliance between the 5th Dimension and its
computers with the art area, which is a couple of tables just outside the 5thD. The art
table is more frequently participated in by females, kids and undergrads. But we have
LOTS of interesting observations of males participating and we have a general discussion
going on about the great advantages of the forms of interaction that occur in the art
area when compared with the computer area. Those comments mirror the distinctions in
your message.

I hope that others will send in their observations of Goody and other manifestations
of the topics highlighted by the Intl. Women's day observances. If we get sufficient
variety, we might just be able to start to answer the question that Judy has asked about
how such matters are theorized in CHAT terms.

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