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Dear Mike-

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> Eugene-- What did you think of the Goody article?

I like the article (although several first pages are missing...)

>A majority of Russian
> doctors were women when I lived there, which drove down the presige of
> being a doctor, and the pay.

That is right. I often use this example in my classes to show that the
exception from a rule (i.e., many Soviet doctors were women) serves an
illustration to a bigger power of gender inequalities.

>I wonder if in the land of Putin capitalism
> whether the value of being a CEO will be driven down by the dominance
> of women?
> What do you surmise?

I think Russian women handle better the burden of the economic
transformation in Russia. Now, Russian women have about 20 years more life
expectancy than Russian men do. Women show to be more flexible in finding
new economic opportunities while men are more depressed because of collapse
of old Soviet economy. As it was explained in the program, Russian women
drink less than Russian men do and have better financial and entrepreneurial
skills. Despite of this, the big business is predominately controlled by men
in Russia.

By the way, Russian TV announced that tomorrow, March 8, all maximum
security prisons for women will be closed in part because of a high level of
violence launched against the female prisoners by male guards there. They
say that currently there are 50,000 women in Russian prisons, which is 6% of
all prison population.

In the program, they discussed homosexual relations in Russian prisons (they
took interviews from former prisoners). Unlike male homosexual relations in
Russian prisons, lesbian relations in Russian prisons are often
non-hierarchical, non-violent, and do not have much stigma.

What do you think?

> mike

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