Paul Sweezy. Don't forget

From: Mike Cole (
Date: Tue Mar 02 2004 - 22:57:57 PST

The NY Times has an obituary of Paul Sweezy, a founder of the Monthly
Review, perhaps the premier American Marxist journal of the past 40+
years. A man, so far as I can judge, of great integrety and courage.

I am old enough to have lived through several "generations" of American
political-economic thought. One can evaluate this arena in a variety of
ways. Personally, I have always valued highly those who were both
self and other critical, and willing to adopt politically uncomfortable
positions. Sweezy, in my (very partially) educated view, was one such

I wonder if Sweezy ever read Vygotksy, or Ilyenkov, and if he did, what
he made of their thinking. Anyone know?

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