Nominate new Cultural-Historical SIG officers for 2004-2005

From: Bill Barowy (
Date: Mon Mar 01 2004 - 17:53:51 PST

With many thanks to Eugene, who provides the chsig online presence with firm
dedication, you can now nominate new Cultural-Historical SIG officers for

Go to the URL:

And follow the link "Nominate new SIG officers for 2004-2005"

What do officers do?

Well, here's a description. The core officers of the CHSIG include the
following: President, (or Co-Presidents), Program Officer, and
Treasurer/Membership Coordinator. Officers will each serve two years.
Officers shall be elected bi-annually by the general membership.

Presides at all meetings of the CHSIG; prepares the agenda for the business
meeting; oversees the formulation of policies and procedures for the CHSIG.

Program Officer:
Oversees the review and acceptance of Paper Presentations and Symposia for the
AERA annual meeting in coordination with the President; carries out the
duties of the President in the event of absence of the President; serves as
co-chair of the ad hoc committees, and fills out the remaining term of the
President should the President resign or become unable to fulfill the
remainder of the term.

Receives and disburses monies in coordination with the President and Program
Officer, Maintains CHSIG membership records including a current record of
dues payment and current mailing list; coordinates membership recruitment and
correspondence; takes minutes of the annual business meeting.

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