Mind, Culture, and Activity
An International Journal
Articles for Discussion

MCA Vol. 5, 1998

Peter Smagorinsky
Thinking and Speech and Protocol Analysis

MCA Vol. 12, 2005

Anna Stetsenko
Activity as Object-Related: Resolving the Dichotomy of Individual and Collective Planes of Activity

Victor Kaptelinin
The Object of Activity: Making Sense of the Sense-Maker

MCA Vol. 13, 2006

Stephen Billett
Relational Interdependence Between Social and Individual Agency in Work and Working Life

Paul Cobb & Kay McClain
The Collective Mediation of a High-Stakes Accountability Program: Communities and Networks of Practice

Elizabeth Hirst & Jennifer A. Vadeboncoeur
Patrolling the Borders of Otherness: Dis/placed Identity Positions for Teachers and Students in Schooled Spaces

David Williamson Shaffer & Katherine A. Clinton
Toolforthoughts: Reexamining Thinking in the Digital Age

MCA Vol. 14, 2007

Wolff-Michael Roth
Emotion at Work: A Contribution to Third-Generation Cultural-Historical Activity Theory

Gordon Wells
The Mediating Role of Discoursing in Activity

Andy Blunden
Modernity, the Individual, and the Foundations of Cultural-Historical Activity Theory

MCA Vol. 15, 2008

Annalisa Sannino
From Talk to Action: Experiencing Interlocution in Developmental Interventions

Peter H. Sawchuk & Anna Stetsenko
Sociological Understandings of Conduct for a Noncanonical Activity Theory: Exploring Intersections and Complementarities

MCA Vol. 16, 2009

Stephen Billett
Conceptualizing Learning Experiences: Contributions and Mediations of the Social, Personal, and Brute

Mariane Hedegaard
Children’s Development from a Cultural-Historical Approach: Children’s Activity in Everyday Local Settings as Foundation for Their Development

Paula M. Towsey & Carol A. Macdonald
Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing and Other Vygotskian Constructs

Michael Cole
Editorial. The Perils of Translation: A First Step in Reconsidering Vygotsky’s Theory of Development in Relation to Formal Education

Wolff-Michael Roth
Editorial. Martin Heidegger Comes to the Support of CHAT Researchers

MCA Vol. 17, 2010

Beth Ferholt & Robert Lecusay
Adult and Child Development in the Zone of Proximal Development: Socratic Dialogue in a Playworld

Marilyn Fleer & Mariane Hedegaard
Children’s Development as Participation in Everyday Practices across Different Institutions

Cecilie Flo Jahreie & Eli Ottesen
Construction of Boundaries in Teacher Education: Analyzing Student Teachers’ Accounts

Wolff-Michael Roth & Luis Radford
Re/thinking the Zone of Proximal Development (Symmetrically)

Matthew E. Poehner & James P. Lantolf
Vygotsky’s Teaching-Assessment Dialectic and L2 Education: The Case for Dynamic Assessment

MCA Vol. 18, 2011

André Vĺgan
Towards a Sociocultural Perspective on Identity Formation in Education

Bridget Somekh & Morten Nissen
Cultural-Historical Activity Theory and Action Research

Seth Chaiklin
Social Scientific Research and Societal Practice: Action Research and Cultural-Historical Research in Methodological Light from Kurt Lewin and Lev S. Vygotsky

Fernando González Rey
A Re-examination of Defining Moments in Vygotsky’s Work and Their Implications for His Continuing Legacy

Julian Williams
Toward a Political Economic Theory of Education: Use and Exchange Values of Enhanced Labor Power

David G. Leitch
Vygotsky, Consciousness, and the German Psycholinguistic Tradition

Peter Smagorinsky
Vygotsky’s Stage Theory: The Psychology of Art and the Actor under the Direction of Perezhivanie

David Guile
Interprofessional Learning: Reasons, Judgement, and Action

Peter E. Jones
The Living and the Dead in Education: Commentary on Julian Williams

Morten Nissen
Book Review: Activity Theory: Legacies, Standpoints, and Hopes: A discussion of Andy Blunden’s An Interdisciplinary Theory of Activity

MCA Vol. 19, 2012

Mike Rose
Featured Article: Rethinking Remedial Education and the Academic-Vocational Divide

Jean Lave
Essay. Changing Practice

Charles Bazerman
Writing with Concepts: Communal, Internalized, and Externalized

Mutizwa Mukute & Heila Lotz-Sisitka
Working With Cultural-Historical Activity Theory and Critical Realism to Investigate and Expand Farmer Learning in Southern Africa

MCA Vol. 20, 2013

Manfred Holodynski
The Internalization Theory of Emotions: A Cultural Historical Approach to the Development of Emotions

David H. Eddy Spicer
"Soft Power" and the Negotiation of Legitimacy: Collective Meaning Making in a Teacher Team

Jennifer A. Vadeboncoeur & Rebecca J. Collie
Locating Social and Emotional Learning in Schooled Environments: A Vygotskian Perspective on Learning as Unified

Carol Tomlin, Paul C. Mocombe, and Cecile Wright
Postindustrial Capitalism, Social Class Language Games, and Black Underachievement in the United States and United Kingdom

MCA Vol. 21, 2014

Donna Kotsopoulos
The Case of Mitchell's Cube: Interactive and Reflexive Positioning During Collaborative Learning in Mathematics

Rolf Steier
Posing the Question: Visitor Posing as Embodied Interpretation in an Art Museum

Robert Serpell
Multiple Perspectives and Constraints on Progressive Social Change: A Commentary

Beth Buchholz, Kate Shively, Kylie Peppler & Karen Wohlwend
Hands On, Hands Off: Gendered Access in Crafting and Electronics Practices

MCA Vol. 22, 2015

Maisha T. Winn
Exploring the Literate Trajectories of Youth Across Time and Space

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