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Maintenance of students, post-graduate students, professorial structure by sources of the educational and scientific information it is carried out through the Scientific library of high school having 4 branches, located in educational cases and student's hostels, the area 1045,5 sq.m.

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Service of readers is carried out in 4 reading rooms with number of landing places 203, and also 45th cathedral libraries. In library 2 electronic the reading room, the equipped 43 computers. The fund of library makes 498 268 copies! The fund of library is universal under the contents. The library has 2669 copies of rare books.

Staff of library - 30 person:

The beginning of formation of book assembly of scientific library USPI concerns to 1909. Since 1909 and for 1924 a significant place in activity pedagogical collective female teacher's seminary led by its director P.N.Rjabinin was borrowed with formation of fund of library. By 1924 in library it was totaled 24 thousand books. It was one from the best libraries of city which fund included books of the best authors on pedagogics and various encyclopaedic editions. Among books of seminar library there are present treasures. For example, « the explanatory Dictionary of alive great russian language » V.I.Dalja. Issued in 1903 «Dictionary Dalja» - the fine help book. In 50th years the assembly of books replenishes with the literature Russian writers: A.P.Chehova, F.M.Dostoevskogo. « The Encyclopaedic dictionary » F.A.Brokgauza and I.A.Efrona of 1938 editions, « the History of the Russian literature » in 10th volumes 1907 editions and other books. Since 50th years in institute library the assembly scientific is created. Works and separate books of teachers and professors USPI. Editions of the Russian universities and institutes of Saint Petersburg, Moscow, Vladivostok, and also the Academy of sciences and others centres of science make a separate part of fund of rare books. The major and most valuable assembly of books in library are books on to the world and domestic art. Many editions have Unique value. During many years formation of fund of library was close it is connected to a history and development of Primorski Krai. Books on to study of local lore for a long time became rare. This assembly makes 505 volumes.

Old computer hall:
Old computer hall

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It's our library's computer hall




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