Authors: Inga Belim, Kate Reshetnyak.



Fehg-Shui is an antique arts of creation harmony between man and environment. This art became popular in our country owing to active expansion eastern culture around the world.



All people feel requirements in harmony between their life and nature's life. Feng-Shui gives possibility to feel ourselves comfortable and and creates peace in our souls. You can do your house more comfortable, convenient and successful, using principles of Feng-Shui in our houses' furniture. 

* Feng-shui's sign (balance):
Feng-shui's sign (balance) 

We decided to study our city in order to this technique is intelligibled for all people. First of all we took two definite objects: cinema "Russia" and central bank "Sberbank". So we have to lay the Bagua's simbol in every building. 

* The Bagua's simbol:
The Bagua's simbol


Entrance of cinema "Russia" arrange on the South-East. The south-east is the zone of the wealth. So door opens to the wealth and prosperity. And the cinema also stays in big enough distance from road. In the center there are cafe and sofas. Premises is put into shape very good and cosy. You can spend the time very well, sitting at table or near the counter, resting on the sofa. Center is the interface of all the rest zones. This sector is necessary to sepport in neatness and illumination. Auditorium is put into not clear colors. For example: all seats are red, but not clear, walls are blue, but not clear too. Red color is color of glory, so all shows are visited very well. Seals into the cinema very comfortable, and it is important for all people. Cinema "Russia is situated in the central square of our city. This district is very prosper, becaus hear there is a fountain. For all experts of Feng-Shui it isn't secret that fountain is the simbol of wealth. It is constantly circular water and so movement of energy. And therefore economic condition is very nice.  


And we also want to tell you about "Sberbank". Extraodinary architecture attract many looks. And everybody wants to know what there are inside. Inside it is place whis soft lights, big cutglass chandelier in the center and a fountain. Feng-Shui recommends to active center whith big cutglass chandelier. About fountain we have already told. But inside there aren't "living" light, and it influences not very well for environment. Color of facade is green. And green color is color of money. Therefore this color very good harmonizes with essence of this building. It is our city. It is situated in the big native hollow. By Feng-Shui it is very well for all city. We look that all buildings possessing Feng-Shui's signs, are prosper in there sphere, brining their owners big returns.