Activity, Consciousness, and Personality

By Aleksie Nikolaevich Leont'ev

Copyright 1978 


The methodological crisis that world psychology has been trying to solve for the last 100 years destroyed the unified system of psychological knowledge. Psychologists split into several schools and directions, and their representatives argue among themselves about the subject of their science. Considering ways to resolve the crisis, A.N. Leont'ev, Active Member of the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of the USSR and Lenin Prize Laureate, in his new book demonstrates the primacy of Marxist methodology in the resolution of fundamental problems of contemporary psychology.

The book is intended for philosophers, psychologists, and teachers, and for all who are interested in the theoretical questions of the science that concerns the origin, function, and structure of the psychological reflection of reality.


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Introduction   HTML PDF MIA
Chapter 1 Marxism and Psychological Science HTML PDF MIA
Chapter 2 Psychic Reflection HTML PDF MIA
Chapter 3  The Problem of Activity and Psychology HTML PDF MIA
Chapter 4 Activity and Consciousness HTML PDF MIA
Chapter 5 Activity and Personality HTML PDF MIA
Conclusion Activity and Personality "continued" HTML   MIA


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Psychology and Marxism
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A.N. Leontev, Activity and Consciousness, 1977
A chapter in, Philosophy in the USSR, Problems of Dialectical Materialism, by A.N. Leont'ev on activity and consciousness.

Zaporozhets, A. V., & Markova, T. A. (1980/1983). [PDF]
The psychological foundations of preschool education. Soviet Education, 25(3),7 l-90. 

V. A. Lektorsky, 1977
The Dialectic of Subject and Object and some Problems of the Methodology of Science

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