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From: Peter Smagorinsky <smago who-is-at uga.edu>
Date: Thu Mar 06 2008 - 03:07:20 PST

Last Call for Papers/Abstracts and Invited Sessions Proposals for PISTA
2008, (Orlando, Florida, USA. June 29th- July 2nd, 2008)

Papers/Abstracts Submissions and Invited Sessions Proposal: April 3rd, 2008
Authors Notification: April 25th, 2008
Camera-ready, full papers: May 22nd, 2008

All Submitted papers will be reviewed by a double-blind (at least three
reviewers), non-blind, and participative peer review. These three kinds of
review will support the selection process of those that will be accepted for
their presentation at the conference, as well as those to be selected for
their publication in JSCI Journal.

Authors of accepted papers who registered in the conference can have access
to the evaluations and possible feedback provided by the reviewers who
recommended the acceptance of their papers/abstracts, so they can
accordingly improve the final version of their papers. Non-registered
authors may not have access to the reviews of their respective submissions.

The registration fee of effective invited session organizers will be waived
and they will receive at the registration desk, for free, 1) a package of 4
DVDs and one CD containing the 6-hour tutorial "Fundamentals and History of
Cybernetics: Development of the Theory of Complex Adaptive Systems" and 2) a
second 4-DVDs/1-CD package 6-hours tutorial titled "Cybernetic Management".
The market price of each of these packages is US $ 295. Twelve more benefits
for invited session organizers are listed at PISTA 2008 web page.

For submissions or Invited Sessions Proposals, please go to the web site:

Authors of the best 10%-20% of the papers presented at the conference will
be invited to adapt their papers for their publication in the Journal of
Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics.

Each session to be included in the conference program will have
corresponding electronic pre-conference and post-conference sessions for 15
days each. In the electronic pre-conference sessions authors will have
access to the papers to be presented at their session and to an associated
electronic forum, so they can be better prepared for their conference
face-to-face session. Similarly, electronic post-conference sessions will
complement and support a follow-up of the respective conference sessions,
via an electronic forum and the possibility of evaluating papers presented
at the associated session. These evaluations will also support the selection
process for the papers to be published in JSCI journal.

Best regards,

PISTA 2008 Secretariat

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