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Date: Tue Jun 26 2007 - 11:04:44 PDT

Michael, you would have each generation start on their own, from scratch? No
experts, just novices? That really is a post-apocalyptic vision!

My point was there is more to life (and education) than "functioning" and
"information." The danger with the tool metaphor, and the emphasis on
artifacts as tools, is that they reduce all of life to the production
process. That is not just a conceptual mistake, it is a political agenda. To
argue that thinking is not important, only tool use, is not to argue against
formalization, it is to promote a purely instrumental conception of human
action and interaction. It is to promote an extreme version of the division
of labor, in which only a tiny elite get to think about the nature of
thinking, and everyone else is simply using tools skillfully but

On 6/26/07 12:40 PM, "Michael Glassman" <> wrote:

> But if this information is so important, and it exists as part of the problem
> solving tools of humanity, don't we trust humans to discover it through their
> own activities?

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