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From: Emily Duvall <duvalleg who-is-at>
Date: Fri Jun 22 2007 - 19:08:41 PDT

A joint symposium would be exciting! I'm sure Jim Garrison could be
persuaded... :-)
I'm still poking at my Vygotsky-Dewey-Gadamer work in education and
would be interested in bringing something to the table on this if it
would be of interest/ would fit.
Actually Jim has done some work around Gadamer as well.

I'm hoping the mini-course trend will continue... I've found these to
be immensely helpful in moving my understandings forward. Lately I've
become interested more recent work in Soviet activity theory. Sponsoring
a visiting theorist in this area would be exciting. Having Galina with
us last year during the mini-course and for the symposium was great -
her research by design/CHAT methodology was fascinating and really
brought the relevance of affective development forward.
~ Em

Mike Cole wrote:
> AERA announcements for next year are coming up on my screen. Can
> anyone tell
> me how to find out what the
> ch-sig is doing? Not having been at this year's AERA, I am out of that
> loop
> and others may be as well.
> I had this idea that perhaps a joint symposium with the Dewey Sig
> would
> be intresting and wish to pursue it.
> mike
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