Recorded 16th January 2002, at CSALT,
Lancaster University, UK. Processed & edited by LUTV
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Question 1: Welcome to CSALT at Lancaster University. What we'd like you to do first is to tell us a little about who you are and your current research and work?
Question 2 You mentioned Activity Theory which you've been very closely identified with. Could you explain how you go about that approach and how it is useful in understanding learning, in particular where its done with new technologies?
Question 3 You use the term Expansive Learning. Could you tell us a little about what that term implies and also how that differs from standard views of learning?
Question 4 Those three forms of learning - do you see them as incremental, building on each other, or do you see them as combined into an overall activity?
Question 5 You use the term Network and we use the term Network Learning as far as the type of emerging educational systems that is developing using these technologies. How do you see activities and education changing in relation to the introduction of networked technologies?
Question 6 If we gave a time frame to that, what would you see as the major issues in networked learning that might emerge over the next two or three years?
Question 7 Finally, the audience of this video are networked learning practitioners who are developing their work at Masters degree level. What would your message for the participants be if you had one thing for them to think closely about?

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