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[Xmca-l] Fwd: Konstantinov's innovative math program

Dear all,

Eugene Matusov published a new monograph "Nikolai N. Konstantinov’s
Authorial Math Pedagogy for People with Wings" in The Journal of Russian
and Eastern European Psychology (JREEP), Edited by Pentti Hakkarainen. --
see the attachment.

This is a story of a unique approach to teaching math, where authorship of
the student and her/his agency are in the central focus, and math becomes
an exciting and challenging adventure for all involved.



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Dear Ana, Mark, Sasha, Laura, Jenifer, Tony, Joe, Anne, Siobahn, Amanda,
Mike, and Leda–

Thanks A LOT for your help and support of the project! Attached please find
the special issue of the Journal of Russian and Eastern European Psychology
where the project has been just published.



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