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[Xmca-l] Re: The Passing of Fydor Vasiliuk

Those are really sad news... I was priviliged to get to meet Fydor Vasiliuk at the ISCAR Summer University in Moscow in 2011, where he gave a very hands-on lecture on "the co-experiencing method" in consueling. He did give his lecture in Russian (we had a really diligent translator for many of the lectures), but was quite remarkable how well he would get to engage many of us as he would perform the method then and there with us, really co-experiencing despite all the difficulties (language, not having known each other from before).
His influence has been very much present here recenlty with the occasion of the perezhivanie special issue. A big loss. 

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I have just learned of the passing of Fydor Vasiliuk. Of cancer. At the age
of 63.

All of XMCA is enormously indebted to Fydor for his untiring efforts to
help us understand perezhivanie.