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[Xmca-l] ISCAR experiences, reflections, etc

Dear all,

I am still at Tampere, where the EARLI conference finished today, just one day after ISCAR ended. Unfortunately, I committed to attending both conferences and could only be the first days in Quebec. Still, I was fortunate enough to catch up with many colleagues, to share some of my work, and get to hear about that of many others that are doing great things around the globe.

One (not so) surprising discovery I made was the huge amount of people that actually lurks into this list, but who nonetheless very seldom if ever write (whether for lack of time to delve into the sometimes quite long posts/themes, or simply because they prefer to read than write). We all knew and had talked about this, but it was quite remarkable the amount of people I met (not only in ISCAR, but also here in Europe (EARLI).

So, now that I have met some of you, and that you have got to see and hear more of ISCAR than those of us who had to leave earlier or could not join at all. What was your highlight of the congress and why? It would be lovely if some of you would take a step forward and tell us a bit of what you found most interesting, what you found was missing, what you found should have not been.

In can be the first: One of my favourite moments was listening to Fernando G. Rey present without slides or any other device, passionately talking about child development and claiming, "... for the first need of the child is that of contact with other people"... I also very much enjoyed seeing Mike in a several meters wide screen commenting on Engeström's Keynote, rising the longest ovation I got to hear during my brief three days in Quebec.

These are just anecdotes, but I would love if you could tell us more on how it went for you, what you found there, for us who could not be there. I think it would be very much appreciated by many, while we get the time to have a look at the issue on unit analysis, and prepare the discussion on the article from the last (third) MCA issue.