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[Xmca-l] Отв: YouTube'da "Прекрасное далеко" videosunu izleyin

Dear Ulvi İçil,
I appresheate your passionate defence of socialist (communist) idea and your straight-out criticism of capitalism and so called imperialism and so on and so forth.But I am afraid that your efforts can brought about the exact opposite of the intended results.
You defend USSR and Stalin as a sybol of communism. But in fact Stalin can symbolise only the greatest and the  most bloody counter revolution in the history. If we want to find a historical person slightly similar to Josef Djugashvili that will be Napoleon Bonaparte rather then Robespier.
A person who killed the majority of Bolsheviks who were Lenin's closest associates and who made the Revolution, who in XX century restore serfdom under the pretext of struggle against "kulak's", a person who establish the most brutal system of exploitation of workers who were deprived even of the right  to freely choose their employment, a person who launched WW2 as Hitler's ally, a criminal that expels many peopels and killed millions of soviet citisens, this person is very bad personification of communism as real humanism. He looks more like a personification of bloody counter-revolution.
Altogether I rather think that to judge what was the socio-economical nature of so called soviet "real socialism" to examin real socio-economis relations in this epoch is much more useful than to appeal to soviet mawkish songs.
Best wishes

    пятница, 1 сентября 2017 0:22 Ulvi İçil <ulvi.icil@gmail.com> писал(а):



please tell me bella.

did it reserve this dissolution and collapse which was mainly its own fault?

if you will say that it deserved, i will admit it without any reserve,