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[Xmca-l] An article on the evolution of organizational paradigms you might find interesting

Dear colleagues,

some of you might find our paper (co-authored with Paul Adler) on the historical evolution of management models and organizational paradigms interesting. We published it this year in Administrative Science Quarterly. While it is based on a Neo-Schumpeterian framework (Schumpeter, Freeman, Perez), it was equally informed by cultural-historical activity theory. You can download a copy by using the link below, and we would be delighted to get any reactions to it that you might share with us.

Best wishes,
Zlatko Bodrožić and Paul Adler

Bodrozic, Z., and P.S. Adler (forthcoming) The Evolution of Management Models: A Neo-Schumpeterian Theory. /Administrative Science Quarterly/
Download <http://www-bcf.usc.edu/%7Epadler/research/models.pdf>