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[Xmca-l] Re: Отв: Re: Our Broken Economy, in One Simple Chart - The New York Times

Dear Sasha, 

that is such an unfortunate situation you undergo, but know that your ideas and contributions are very much appreciated in this community that is xmca.

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Subject: [Xmca-l] Отв:  Re: Our Broken Economy, in One Simple Chart - The New York Times

Dear, Alfredo!

Your joyless though courageousreflection sounds like something giving a hope.
You are absolutely correct. The only thing we can really do is generatingtheoretic culture.
But we have to keep in mind, that theoretic culture can be falsified whereasmaterial culture - production of workers from all over the world - cannot.Hardly ever one will be sated with dummy or get warm from sham wool. Though, wecan easily deceive our students and pupils feeding them with false theoreticproducts. All this underlines the enormous responsibility, which lies onour conscience.
Again, you are quite correct that we have to live and work inside substantiallycapitalist academic and educational institutions. Moreover, this system rejectsthose of us who slightly looks as a threat to this system. My own and now myson’s and colleague George biography is a perfect illustration of this fact.
We give up too.
Because we do believe that there is a real or virtual place were our ideas willbe appreciated as a modest contribution into our common struggle.


    среда, 9 августа 2017 16:58 Alfredo Jornet Gil <a.j.gil@iped.uio.no> писал(а):

 Capitalism is incapable to carry over humanity. The other way around is another story, I guess. I do wish we could attain a true democratic (communist) society though.

In any case, I often wonder what WE, each one of us, can do. The first thing I come up with, and not surprisingly because that's the field in which I work, is pedagogy. On the one hand, it is a contradiction, because the whole of pedagogy, as institutionalised field (I mean, as faculties, as my temporary salary, as the pursuing and achievement of publishing incentives, etc...), it wholly belongs to Capitalism.

Yet, judging by the level of involvement and engagement that education faculties show, it seems to me that the notion of pedagogy that most faculty members hold is that our field is about learning, when in fact I think it is about generating culture. I sit every day with my freshly collected data at a small independent school and wonder, having briefly checked the discouraging world news, and I wonder:  'how can I make my research useful to the human cause?' But then I need to address journal audiences, the motives that got me the funding for my research, my temporary contract and the need to find a new job soon... and one feels pretty hopeless. I don't give up, though. It feels good having you all out there, xmca'ers,

How does, e.g., the ISCAR community stands for these matters? How does your respective faculties/institutions stand for this?


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Subject: [Xmca-l] Re: Our Broken Economy,      in One Simple Chart - The New York Times

Capitalism should be destroyed urgently.
Primarily in US and China.
Otherwise, it will destroy humanity even without wars.

I wonder if anyone is able to claim that human species can be saved by
mechanisms belonging to capitalism which is itself the very owner of the
current destructive mechanisms.

Like it or not, communist society is the unique exit. Capitalism is
incapable to carry over humanity.

I do not believe communism is inevitable but I think that communism is a
necessity to save human species. This is a scientific truth.

Otherwise, we are the final generations of our species and humanity will
not survive after 21st century.

9 Ağu 2017 15:03 tarihinde "Larry Purss" <lpscholar2@gmail.com> yazdı:

> This graph captures the depth of the crisis.
> The 8 richest people in the world have more wealth than the bottom half of
> the planet’s population.
> Also...
> Canada’s latest census also documents that for the first time single
> occupancy residency is now the dominant form of living arrangement. Only a
> single person in each apartment or townhouse is now the most prominent
> living arrangement
> Our Broken Economy, in One Simple Chart
> This chart captures the rise in inequality better than any other chart
> that I’ve seen.
> https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2017/08/07/opinion/leonhardt-income-
> inequality.html?emc=edit_mbe_20170809&nl=morning-briefing-
> europe&nlid=69072237&te=1
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