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[Xmca-l] Re: Melee.pdf

Mêlée is not a mixture
Mêlée is a flow
Shifting from parts (and wholes) in inter action 
Aspects within trans actions. 

This feels like shifting ground 

Enjoy your long weekend

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Hi Rod,
you use the verb *internalize*, and it may get you immediately into
trouble. When you read Mikhailov or G.H. Mead, you will see that any inner,
self, is a *consequence* of social relations, a result of a continuous
coming and going. Even private cogitations, or writing into a diary is
social through and through (Mead, Vygotsky); pure idiolect is impossible
(Feuerbach, Vygotsky, & Nancy).  The other thing, mêlée is not a thing, not
a mixture, but flow.

I personally do not think in terms of *inter*action, because such
theorizing begins with the self-contained subjects, whereas in *trans*action,
the parts cannot be independently defined--no seller without buyer, no
reply without a query.

Anyone who can get to the point to see him/herself as constituted by the
relation, who lives the relation first before the self, who is in a
position to say that who s/he is is a function of the relation rather than
the other way around (as in "I am putting so much into the relation, s/he
is not giving back...") will live a transformation.

Cheers and back to British Columbia long weekend Monday-off


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On Mon, Aug 7, 2017 at 1:48 AM, Rod Parker-Rees <
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> Many thanks Michael,
> I have just read your chapter 'In Praise of the Mêlée' and it has
> certainly whetted my appetite to find out more about Nancy's writing. I
> think there is huge potential in the shifting of focus from a language of
> ownership and enclosure ('my own mind') to recognition of the fluidity of
> interactions among substantially shared minds. I have also just read
> Fernyhough's 'Voices of the mind' (so many wisps, eddies and threads to
> follow from this discussion) and the resulting mêlée has got me thinking
> about how the sharing of minds (or of mindings) which we internalise into
> 'private' thinking involves so much more than just the words which bob on
> the surface of our interactions. It is not only 'voices' which we
> internalise but whole, embodied interactions - the full mêlée of our bodily
> responses to another person which make them the person we know. While some
> forms of interaction, like the (almost) entirely text-based exchanges here,
> may appear to flow above the undercurrents of bodies and their everyday
> lives, these deeper interactions still shape the ripples we are able to see
> and share. I say almost entirely text-based because I am sure there are
> some contributors to this group who have had opportunities to meet 'in
> person' and I suspect that this must affect the way they read each other's
> contributions.
> I am looking forward to participating in the métissage of the ISCAR
> conference in Quebec.
> All the best,
> Rod
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> No, this is not Jean-Luc Nancy's piece. This is my own article on the
> topic of scientific literacy. Michael
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