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[Xmca-l] Re: 3 Psychology Faculty Positions in Chile

Good morning david,
I have a colleague, Dr. Judite Blanc, from the state university of Haiti who is interested in the position in developmental psychology.  She earned her PhD from Paris, and wanted to make sure it would be OK to apply with a french diploma.  She is fluent in french, kreyol, english, and is working on perfecting her spanish.  I have cced her on this email should she have any questions for you.

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Subject: [Xmca-l]&nbsp; 3 Psychology Faculty Positions in Chile 

Dear colleagues,

We have three calls for faculty positions in our school. I would appreciate
if you could help us to disseminate these calls among possible candidates.
Areas are cognitive neuroscience, developmental psychology and a last one
whose specialization is open, but special consideration will be given to
candidates working on Cognitive Psychology, Emotions and/or Motivation, and
Developmental Psychology.




Many thanks,


David Preiss, Ph.D.
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