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[Xmca-l] Re: Research on School Space

And there was this key article by Leander in 2002:

Leander, K. (2002). Polycontextual construction zones: Mapping the expansion of schooled space and identity. Mind, culture and activity, 9(3), 211-237.

Abstract: By analyzing the activity of students building a cabin in a school setting, this article examines how conflicts
among schooling and extraschooling activity systems can create an expansive space of identity development
and learning. Drawing together activity system theories and theories of social space, the article
illustrates how polycontextual conflicts and expansions are spatially contingent and productive of
space. Symbolic and material dimensions of social space provide a sharpened lens through which to conceptualize
intersystemic conflict and development. As the traffic of conflict and negotiation between
modal schooling activity and cabin building is heightened around productions of social space, potential
expansion of the systems and persons across them is related to the resolution of spatial dilemmas.


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    Dear Beata, There was an issue of Mind, Culture and Activity on spatializing sociocultural research in 2006, I think it is 13(3), and Kevin Leander has conducted research advancing these ideas as well. An issue of educational Studies, in 2009 has some articles. I imagine there is more. Best, Jen
    On 2017-07-24, at 2:13 AM, Beata Zamorska wrote:
    > Dear colleagues,
    > We (the Polish team) are working on a project: How Can Space (especially school space)  Support Students and Teachers Creativity? How can we design the school classroom, furniture and tools to foster the processes of learning and development?
    > We are looking for researchers who have conducted research on this topic in CHAT. I remember Prof. H. Daniels’ presentation about school buildings during the last ISCAR Congress in Sydney. However, I can’t find any additional information.
    > I would be grateful if you could give me some suggestions.
    > Best regards
    > Beata Zamorska
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