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[Xmca-l] Re: The LCHC Polyphonic Autobiography

What a beautiful project, Mike and everyone else involved at LCHC! And what an important document for anyone interested in how CHAT came to the West. Thanks so much, Alfredo.
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Subject: [Xmca-l]  The LCHC Polyphonic Autobiography

                            July 20, 2017

Dear XMCA-o-philes,

I am writing to inform you about the *LCHC Polyphonic Autobiography, *a
project begun by LCHC members following the Lab's receipt of the Sylvia
Scriner award at AERA several years ago.  The site is not perfect. It was
created collaboratively over the years through email exchanges and face to
face discussions as life allowed. We are still in the process of getting
the Forum associated with the document working in a reliable fashion, and
other user friendly measure. We are still hunting down those whose life
paths we have not had the time/resoures to track down yet. I really is

But as the death of Joe Glick has reminded me, Time waits for no one. John
Gay, who was there at the beginning of this story is still with us but
heading toward 90. So the time has come.

That Joe joined us in our odd venture provided me with an education in
developmental psychology and a life long companion in seeking to understand
more deeply, the role of culture in human development.

So here, belatedly, is an account of the 50 year history of LCHC up to the
time of my retirement. Its future is to be found Section 6 of the web page
which can be found at the following address:    lchcautobio.ucsd.edu

Suggestions of ways to improve this document are warmly welcomed (so long
as they are accompanied by the volunteer labor to implement them!).When the
Forum is up and running, your comments and contributions to the discussion
are most welcome.