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[Xmca-l] Re: Taxis and Embedding in Conversation

Thanks for this clarification.
So mitsein is a particular mode of being- there in the here-and-now situation.
mitsein being  a mode that (could be) in the realm of possibility in the here and now situation.
Does this mode of mitsein express an affinity with James Ma’s focus on intellectual virtues?
The focus on higher academic teaching and learning as a process of  cultivation of the mode of mitsein as a could be possible dasein? 
In contrast to the dominant mode of instrumental mastery

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Dasein is usually unpacked as ‘Being-there,’ and it is said that Heidegger’s point was that humans understand themselves, and one another, in terms of their situatedness. In the here-&-now, not in the entire cosmos!  :)

There is a discussion of mitsein in Being & Time, too. But Gadamer certainly gave it more emphasis than Heidegger did. Mitsein, for Heidegger, is a mode or aspect of Dasein. It is a way in which Dasein (human being) can be.


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Less a protesting intent than da-sein [being-THAT] . Gadamer
points out that Heiddeger's focus on da-sein pervades his project and that
Gadamer intende to shift towards the centrality of mit-sein