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[Xmca-l] 2017 GRADNASFLA Symposium Call for Papers: Demystifying Systemic Functional Linguistics

Dear Wonderful Colleagues,

I am so happy to share the first GRADNASFLA Symposium that will be held at our university this fall. Please share with your graduate students and other scholars who are working on new papers; this is will be great space for brainstorming, looking at data and fostering cutting edge research collectives across universities. Discussion will also focus on the Graduate Poster Session and collaborative round tables to be held at ISFGC.

Please encourage your students and other colleagues to take part. They will be well taken care of.  Please see a link also to supporting the conference on the poster if you feel inclined to support the conference and the work of two amazing doctoral students, Khanh Bui and Kelly Dugan, who organized this by themselves.

They invited me to be their keynote to indicate to students and scholars alike that there will also be faculty at the conference, mixing in and collaborating too.

Ruth, Khanh and Kelly

Ruth Harman, Associate Professor
Program Chair
TESOL and World Language Education
Language and Literacy Department
Linguistics Program
Affiliated Qualitative Program Member
President of National Systemic Functional Linguistics Association (NASFLA)
Professor on Special Assignment with PDSD (UGA and Clarke School District)
309 Aderhold Hall
University of Georgia, Athens GA 30602
Email: rharman@uga.edu<mailto:rharman@uga.edu>

Website: http://www.ruthharman.com/
Blog: http://www.rharman.wordpress.com/
Video on YPAR: https://vimeo.com/183258965

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