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[Xmca-l] Re: RES: Re: Child Development: Understanding a Cultural Perpsective

"The word is almost always ready when the concept is" Yes?


Andy Blunden
On 20/05/2017 9:07 AM, David Kellogg wrote:

Just two quick points, and then I shall get back to Vygotsky--we are having
our weekly on-line seminar today here and in Seoul, and it's all about the
Pedology of the Adolescent and "The Negative Phase of the Transitional Age".

First--I don't think pre-life or any of the terms I offered are "adequate
labels" for the neoformations. In fact, "neoformation" is not an adequate
label either (Vygotsky takes it from geology!) In Vygotsky, the label is
just a place holder, it's a kind of mnemonic, a way of remembering
something that hasn't actually even been really said yet. "The word is only
ready when the concept is," remember?