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[Xmca-l] Peter Jones channeling Herbert Clark & Roy Harris

This may be considered an extension of the topic (use value) and (exchange value)?? Via another variform

Haydi indicated Peter Jones may have something to add via Roy Harris.
So I googled (Roy Harris + Peter Jones) and was taken to Peter’s article:

 (‘Coordination’ – Herbert H Clark - , ‘Integration’ – Roy Harris -, and the foundations of communication theory: Common ground or competing visions?)

I would attach a copy but it is only available for users to download one copy. Others may get their own copy.

On page 7 Peter says Clark first used the language of ‘intentionality’ but subsequently moved away from commitments to intentionality and renovates his position.
(what the speaker means) is renovated towards (what the speaker is to be TAKEN to mean).

This is a fascinating article. Thanks Haydi, for leading me in this direction

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