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[Xmca-l] Re: Fwd: Saddening, maddening and unacceptable -- but we're not surprised.

Hi Lisa-- Thanks for sharing. Next time try MCA!  :-)

I will be at Piaget Society meetings, and perhaps other xmca-o-philes. I
look forward to seeing you there.

Seems like the wider distribution this message gets, the better.

On Thu, Apr 27, 2017 at 8:48 AM, Yamagata-Lynch, Lisa (Lisa Yamagata-Lynch)
<lisayl@utk.edu> wrote:

> Michael and others,
> I hope that this is ok to share to this group. My research team at the
> University of Tennessee have 2 articles, one that just came out and another
> in press about Net Neutrality and studying about it from a CHAT
> perspective. We had a hard time finding the right homes for these articles
> primarily because reviewers did not see Net Neutrality as a relevant topic
> in education. If the two articles are not interesting to many in this
> community I apologize for mass sharing.
> Both journals are Open Access journals. The IJQM (
> http://journals.sagepub.com/home/ijq)  article is already free to the
> public as long as you are able to access the Internet, and the IRRODL (
> http://www.irrodl.org/index.php/irrodl) article will be free to the
> public as well when it comes out will be free to the public as well.
> We will be at the Jean Piaget Society Conference in June to present our
> work on this.
> Lisa YL
> Lisa Yamagata-Lynch, Associate Professor
> Psychology and Counseling
> http://www.lisayamagatalynch.net<http://www.lisayamagatalynch.net/>
> IT Online Program Coordinator
> http://itonline.utk.edu/
> https://www.facebook.com/utkitonline
> http://epc.utk.edu/files/2017/01/IT-Online-Program-at-a-Glance.pdf
> On Apr 27, 2017, 11:37 AM -0400, mike cole <mcole@ucsd.edu>, wrote:
> Seems important to all the members of xmca
> Mike
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> From: Mark Surman, Mozilla <Mozilla@e.mozilla.org
> Date: Thu, Apr 27, 2017 at 8:27 AM
> Subject: Saddening, maddening and unacceptable -- but we're not surprised.
> To: <lchcmike@gmail.com
> At stake: free speech, innovation, education and cat videos
> [image: Mozilla]
> <https://click.e.mozilla.org/?qs=fb70275726b78662638828c91d1ce0
> 20eb81ccad4a00102ee918add1f0d0125e2e99aab822844697e894d4a5f4
> 72032f33296a603e26070d
> Dear Michael,
> It's been a while since we've talked about net neutrality. Big things are
> happening in Washington right now, so let's get caught up.
> *Yesterday afternoon, the Federal Communications Commission's new Chairman
> Ajit Pai announced a proposal to gut net neutrality.*
> If you need a refresher on what net neutrality means, here is the John
> Oliver video
> <https://click.e.mozilla.org/?qs=fb70275726b78662666a979ef248dd
> 46c5cc933ccd703156df00c9d10b4302f40af4c7322049fe99cf8d7a3364
> f3d1632e9677b164ed4c2c
> that broke it down and then broke it out into the mainstream.
> [image: FCC Chairman announces plans to reverse U.S. net neutrality
> protections]
> <https://click.e.mozilla.org/?qs=fb70275726b78662cfbe7534a95d55
> acb7b331f3f650a5eecfb2aa1e09257c07562a1a7ed30b69581134f678bb
> f324715cf565207c03c59a
> We've got a fight on our hands if we want to protect our ability to say,
> watch and make what we want online without interference from corporate
> interests. Without this basic principle, the Internet could break down into
> fast lanes for the rich and slow lanes for everyone else.
> Two years ago, the Federal Communications Commission passed rules
> protecting net neutrality. A lot can change in two years. *Now, net
> neutrality is threatened by that same agency.* Chairman Pai is proposing to
> seek public comment on undoing the FCC's 2015 order, including both net
> neutrality rules and the clear legal authority on which they relied. That
> proposal will be voted on at the FCC's next meeting on May 18th.
> This all means that we need to act immediately and rally the millions of
> voices who care about the Internet to remind Chairman Pai and the FCC it is
> their job to protect net neutrality. And when we say rally voices, we mean
> VOICES. We're going old school in the battle to protect net neutrality.
> We're fighting to save the Internet with voicemail!
> *Here's what we need you to do: *
> 1. Pick up your phone.
> 2. Dial (888) 534-6762.
> 3. Wait for the beep.
> 4. When you hear that beep, start talking. Tell Chairman Pai why net
> neutrality is important to you.*
> *Need a few reminders of how net neutrality makes the Internet better? *
> Here you go:
> - *For concerned Internet users:* Net neutrality is fundamental to free
> speech. Without net neutrality, big companies could censor your voice and
> make it harder to speak up online. Net neutrality has been called the
> "First Amendment of the Internet."
> - *For web developers and small business owners:* Net neutrality is
> fundamental to innovation. Without net neutrality, big Internet service
> providers can choose which services and content load quickly, and which
> move at a glacial pace. That means the big guys can afford to buy their way
> in, while the little guys don't stand a chance.
> - *For teachers and students:* Net neutrality is fundamental to quality
> education. Without net neutrality, ISPs could block resources that compete
> with their own offerings, letting them choose the sources you can use for
> research, perhaps based on who is willing or able to pay an extra fee.
> - *For people who love cat videos:* Net neutrality is fundamental to a
> healthy Internet. Without net neutrality, ISPs could decide you watched too
> many cat videos in one day and throttle your Internet speeds leaving you
> behind on the latest Maru memes.
> There are a million reasons why we must protect net neutrality. Record a
> voicemail and give Chairman Pai yours. We'll deliver everyone's messages
> straight to the FCC. We plan to play them in public in advance of their big
> meeting in May.
> Thank you,
> Mark Surman
> Mozilla
> P.S. Can't get to a phone to leave a voicemail? Go to the FCC's comment
> page
> <https://click.e.mozilla.org/?qs=fb70275726b78662cfbe7534a95d55
> acb7b331f3f650a5eecfb2aa1e09257c07562a1a7ed30b69581134f678bb
> f324715cf565207c03c59a
> to send a written message to FCC Chairman Pai.
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> the FCC. Messages left at this number for any other purpose will not be
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