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[Xmca-l] Development of Word and Punctuation

I opened up a new thread on your contribution exploring ‘word’ and the relations of word/punctuation/ creating intervals. (three aspects).

These insights are deserving of their own back/forth expression and exploration. 
Returning to what ‘word’ means for us contrasts' with Vai meaning of ‘word’ and with  classical Greek meaning of “word’. I hope Mike comments more.

Andy indicates Vygotsky’s book (Thinking and Speech) is structured in two aspects. First ‘word” and then ‘concept’.  Whereas Bahltin’s utterance is focused on doubling (as Wolff-Michael intends doubling) It is  turn in the doubling process and utterance exists WITHIN a back/forth ‘relation’ as primordial.

Now turning back to the trajectory of the development of punctuation as the reading process shifted accent FROM speaking/listening ‘relation’ towards reading as a silent process that required  punctuation markers for readers silently to hearthe intervals ; to imaginatively ‘hear’ the intervals (without which the words are not ‘heard’).

Now I will return to a question? 
Is this trajectory one way FROM speaking aloud TO silent reading 
OR is the trajectory back/forth
BOTH speaking=>listening & listening=>speaking. 
Doubling back/forth (three aspects including the gap ‘/’)

Back to mediation one of those tricky ‘words’ 

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