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[Xmca-l] Re: Writing date of Leontiev - The Present Tasks of Soviet Psychology ?

Wow, great historical and bibliographical references, thanks.

I just found this 2017 book, where Andy B. has a chapter, and which is one example (or rather several, as it is an edited volume) of what in the present day is taken to be a Marxist psychology. 

Ratner, C., & Silva, D.N.H. (Eds.) (2017). Vygotsky and Marx: Toward a Marxist Psychology. Routledge.

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The experience of reading those articles helped to deepen our understanding
of the Vygotsky-Leontiev falling out, Clay. For those, like myself, for
whom the grounding of our analyses in everyday activities is a central
concern, Leontiev gave a way to motivate deeper theorizing of the "context"
of mediated action.

Along with Yrjo Engestrom, Arne Raiethel, Alfred Lang, and others we came
up with the "chat" name for attempts to supersede the differences between
them. Pushed toward extremes signocentricism and authoritarian behaviorism,
we opted for both/and.

We have been chatting here ever since. And as you can see, recycling and
re-thinking prior understandings as we go.


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> Thanks, David, Mike, and Haydi, for your efforts and for the link to the
> older xmca thread! I appreciate the context as well as the link to the PDF.
> CS
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> > Clay:
> > We discussed this text on xmca back in 2011, e.g.
> > http://lchc.ucsd.edu/mca/Mail/xmcamail.2011_12.dir/msg00047.html
> > Here's what Mike said at the time:
> > "From the book itself, it is difficult to date the articles or to link
> them
> > to a particular occasion. The book was published in 1961 and came from
> > East Germany. From the introductory material by Hans Hiebsch, an East
> > German
> > > psychologist, it appears to have followed the "Victory of Lysenko in
> > August 1948." It appeared in "Soviet Pedagogy" in Number 1, 1949. I do
> not
> > have a copy.
> > I think I have a copy of it back in my library in Korea, in a pamphlet
> put
> > out by psychiatrists sympathetic to the Communist Party--sometime in the
> > mid-fifties, at the height of the McCarthy witch-hunt. But I'm in
> Australia
> > right now!
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