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[Xmca-l] Re: Current takes on the 'later' Vygotsky

The late Vygotsky quote you offered sounds very much like Peirce (P was
critical of "correspondence" theories of semiosis (V's NOT a relation
between sound and thing), and the intrepretant is about the holding of a
particular sign relation in the same way as another (V's unity)). Perhaps
Vygotsky's late turn was from a Saussurean understanding of the sign to a
Peircean one?

On Sun, Apr 9, 2017 at 6:36 AM, <lpscholar2@gmail.com> wrote:

> Alfredo,
> I offer a quote from the ‘later’ Vygotsky that you cite in your article
> that may prime the pump:
> Language is NOT the relation between a sound and a denoted thing.  It is
> the relation between the speaker and the listener, the relation between
> people directed toward an object.  IT IS THE INTERPSYCHIC REACTION THAT
> object
> The focus hear on ‘establishing the UNITY’ of teacher and student IN their
> orientation.
> The IN includes (within)
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> To: Alfredo Jornet Gil; eXtended Mind, Culture, Activity
> Subject: RE: [Xmca-l] Current takes on the 'later' Vygotsky
> Alfredo,
> I have been slowly reading (and digesting) your and Wolff-Michael’s
> article (Theorizing – with/out mediators) that joins the current ‘takes’ on
> the later Vygotsky.
> My impression (and appreciation) of this emerging tradition is significant
> as  an enlarging of the scope and ‘re-working’ of the Vygotsky who was
> known in the process of moving into the West European  and North Atlantic
> form of theorizing.
> I am reading your article in relation to the notion of ‘playworlds’ and
> ‘spielraum’ (translated playrooms).
> A key re-working of (mediation) has to do with re/thinking triangle
> diagrams as static (with mediation at the apex).
> This generates a PREsumption of two variables at the base of the triangle
> assumed as (elements, essences, things) that inter/act through an
> ‘intermediary’ third (element, essence, thing).
> Your article indicates this is the classical or canonical version of
> (mediation) as the third thing/element through which the other two
> things/elements become changed or develop.
> Your re-working of (mediation) adds the temporal, duration, and (unit of
> analysis) and implies it is not the elements or parts that each
> individually change or develop (classic intermediary model of elements
> transformed by going through a third element IN a triangle with an apex
> mediator)
> But rather
> There are only relation of (within UNITS).
> When a tool, technique, sign, word, artifact) develops then the ENTIRE
> UNIT (not elements) develops.
> Alfredo, I personally believe your approach (currently re-working
> classical and Western canonical versions) deserves to have its own (place)
> as a subsection on the XMCA site. To become more clear on this ‘later’
> Vygotsky.
> Then a conversation may generate that puts in question this re-working
> In a spirit of ‘play’ in rooms.
> A movement back and forth, oscillating, spiralling, developing, and never
> reaching a determinate conclusion, once and forever.
> Putting in play triangles with mediators at the apex as static diagrams.
> More open, fluid, theorizing with ANDA WITHOUT ‘mediators’ as we play with
> these notions.
> I recommend others read the article ‘Theorizing with/out mediators’.
> Reading the (/) to mean interval where we tarry awhile in a spirit of
> re-working theorizing with/out mediators.
> I believe we need to create a subsection on XMCA to let these notions
> percolate and permeate the more classical boundary markers.
> My way of saying your article is a pro-found re-working of the notions of
> (within) and (without) and (mediation) at the core of this re-working
> PRE-assumptions.
> My morning muse
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> From: Alfredo Jornet Gil
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> To: eXtended Mind, Culture, Activity
> Subject: [Xmca-l] Current takes on the 'later' Vygotsky
> Hi Esteban,
> yes, things have been a little quiet lately, but there have been few
> threads going on, perhaps most importantly the one discussing Jang's (this
> issue's) paper on multi-ethnic issues on Second Language.
> Other threads have seemed to resonate on recent articles/works attempting
> to re-work (or work further) some of Vygotsky's key concepts, in particular
> ZPD and Mediation (with a couple of articles having been circulated).
> Connecting to the latter, it seems that several of those efforts are
> making emphasis on Vygotsky's later period, suggesting that much of the
> prior and current uptakes have focused almost exclusively on the
> instrumental aspects that were more salient in his middle period, and not
> so much on the lines of inquiry that the psychologist was opening never had
> the chance to pursue.
> I attach yet another such work, this time by del Río and Álvarez. Much is
> being written about how and to what extent Vygotsky was revising his own
> prior work. This one tells as more about that, and does so both in English
> and in Spanish.
> I wonder how do xmca'ers (who likely are busy reading world news as things
> are getting more and more perplexing) feel and think about this
> tendency/prospect in cultural-historical theory literature.
> Alfredo
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> Hi, Esteban -
> Things have been a little quiet recently. I suspect my co-xmca-ers in the
> US are either mid-semester or digging in on big projects that will have
> some significance, hopefully, given what we’re dealing with here.
> You may or may not be aware that our new Secretary of Education is the
> sister of Erik Prince, http://www.ibtimes.com/who-
> betsy-devos-brother-erik-princes-involvement-blackwater-chinese-money-
> laundering-2493834
> Just a hint of what is happening to education, top to bottom, in the US.
> Helena
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