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[Xmca-l] Re: Ma (negative space) - Wikipedia

Be fore it moves on …. Revocably
To be ....
Spirals upward
>From – our – consciousness

In the space ....
OF time


Feathers - Hiatus

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From: vwilk@inf.shizuoka.ac.jp
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Subject: [Xmca-l] Re: Ma (negative space) - Wikipedia

In the space of time it takes to write a reply without seeing the 
Wikipedia article OR Keat's Negative Capability, I'll just mention that 
a common expression in Japan is "'ah' to iu ma ni" which translates as "
In the space of time it takes to say, 'Ah'" because I want to stick a 
feather into the fascinating topic, before it moves on irrevocably 
without me.  Vandy@GST

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> Alfredo,
> I am sending this wiki on an orientation or approach that I believe 
shares a close  family resemblance with the way Latour orients to the 
prism of ‘mediation’ in the four ways outlined in your post.
> The terms (hiatus) (gap) not a ‘bridge’ which emphasizes (intermediary)
 between two substantialist poles.
> I may be offering two cryptic a response that lacks resonance?
> ‘Ma’ as presence/place pervades Japanese sensibility.
> Mediation (as presented by Latour) seems to explore similar phenomena 
that opens us to new horizons within the Western sensibility re/thinking 
> The forward (/ ) indicating the phenomena of (ma).
> The (interval).
> I hear in Latour a way of approaching ‘mediation’ through ‘ma’ as the 
open local middle voice in Latin – conversare – (both active and passive)
> I may be way off base, but probing around the periphery in liminal 
places, transitional places, on the edges of consciousness (both 
singular and plural)
> The soul knows no mediators (Mikhailov 2006) referenced in (Theorizing 
with/out mediators)
> Ma (negative space) - Wikipedia 
> https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ma_(negative_space)
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