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[Xmca-l] Ma (negative space) - Wikipedia


I am sending this wiki on an orientation or approach that I believe shares a close  family resemblance with the way Latour orients to the prism of ‘mediation’ in the four ways outlined in your post.
The terms (hiatus) (gap) not a ‘bridge’ which emphasizes (intermediary) between two substantialist poles.

I may be offering two cryptic a response that lacks resonance?
‘Ma’ as presence/place pervades Japanese sensibility.
Mediation (as presented by Latour) seems to explore similar phenomena that opens us to new horizons within the Western sensibility re/thinking consciousness.

The forward (/ ) indicating the phenomena of (ma).
The (interval).
I hear in Latour a way of approaching ‘mediation’ through ‘ma’ as the open local middle voice in Latin – conversare – (both active and passive).
I may be way off base, but probing around the periphery in liminal places, transitional places, on the edges of consciousness (both singular and plural)
The soul knows no mediators (Mikhailov 2006) referenced in (Theorizing with/out mediators)

Ma (negative space) - Wikipedia 

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