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[Xmca-l] Re: ZPD and DST!

I would also like a copy [private or public] of the article
Last month we explored various assumptions [approaches] engaging perezhivanie.
This thread today approaching mediation through conversare [the middle voice] focusing on understanding  mediation being equally active and passive. WM Roth indicating;
This thread is  on the threshold of exploring   concept/word through the prism of consciousness   refracted as asymmetrical moments within symmetrical units. Transforming the relation of asymmetrical and symmetrical – moments and units.

These multiple articles read through each other [opening a place] which we collectively and individually may [visit] and possibly inhabit?
Will require slow reading through complex medium. Will begin with Wolff Michael and Luis Radford 9 page editorial ‘re/thinking’ Zpd – a symmetrical reading
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