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[Xmca-l] Max Edwards - A great heart, a permanent voice and an immortal, communist youth


I know that this should not be a thanks.
But anyway great thanks to Andy for this page at MIA for Max Edwards on his
death anniversary. Text written by his mother and father. His mother said
that of all the tributes, this one at MIA would surely be the greatest one
to him since he himself made also to MIA for Marxist classics.
What I wrote in Turkey about him today is that he is one of the most
beautiful and clever concretizations of a young human being with Marxism,
Leninism, international proletariat and communism.
He dedicated his book "to the international proletariat".
Let's appreciate that he thought on the emancipation of a whole humanity,
unfolding the sails for this latter  towards an immense horizon.