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[Xmca-l] Re: Our continuing concern about Trump

Hi Andy, all,

relevant to share, thanks. 

I don't read the full, they are too long to do just at once. But I look over them and see interesting that both article provide alternative accounts that share in common a focus on social-psychological issues, as opposed to only looking at economics. In the first one, the issue of intolerance, fear and defensive feelings towards immigration, takes primacy. In the second, the issue of economy is given its due weight, but again is shifted towards a psychological issue: the issue of how central economy is in the awareness and concern of citizens. I particularly like of the first that among the solutions to the problem it mentions Canada's model (because of its resistance to right-wing raises) of investing in educating for integration equity... 

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I know that restraint is needed when thinking of introducing
current political issues to this list but I suspect that we
are all still worrying about this issue and trying to figure
it out. I have recently read a couple of articles on vox.com
by a fellow called Zack Beauchamp which really need to be
read. I don't know anything about vox.com or Mr. Beauchamp
and I suspect he has nothing to do with CHAT or Marxism, but
it is well researched, challenging and rings true. See




Andy Blunden