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[Xmca-l] Re: Children as caregivers art gallery

Thank you, Greg, and even louder thanks to Jean Hunleth and the families in Zambia. 
More than research, it is mute testimony about issues world-wide, including right now the US.  How soon will tRump’s plans (especially to change and cut NSF research and foreign health care funding in other agencies) impose further affliction on families and children like these?
When tRump appointed agency and department personnel (either ignorant of or opposed to the agency and department missions) are told to decide what is duplicated and wasted and then cut it, we are in the self-fulfilling prophecy vortex that consumes so much and makes us all so frustrated, fearful, angry, resistant.
Save our past and through it our future.

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Apologies for the off-topic post, given the various discussions currently happening, but I wanted to share with you some work that might be of interest to many on the listserve. This is research from Jean Hunleth regarding child caregivers in Zambia who are helping care for their parents afflicted by HIV related tuberculosis.

Of particular interest is an online (Flickr) gallery of 200 photos made by the children and which she has made available with commentary (both from her and from the children). See the link below (along with a brief comment from Jean about how to approach it - note I've also cc'd Jean on this email in case anyone is interested in contacting her directly - and just briefly, Jean is an anthropologist and is currently a professor in the Medical School at Washington University - St. Louis).

Anyway, I thought that this might be of interest to some on the list.

>From Jean:
"Here is the link to my art gallery. There are various ways to view it. I describe these in the first document Make sure to read the descriptions under the drawings. I'd love to hear any and all input, including ways I might improve it."

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